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Top 3 Postgraduate FAQs

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Q. I am a new commencing PG student. What courses should I take first?


A: You should complete the core courses first (if applicable). These courses will give you a foundation for other courses. Many required specialisation or elective specialisation courses have prerequisites and you cannot enrol them without having completed the core courses. Read on…

Program Transfer

Q. How can I transfer to another postgraduate program?


A: Postgraduate students can request to transfer after completing at least one semester in your current degree. To be eligible, you will need to meet the initial entry criteria as outlined under the program you wish to transfer to. Read on…


Q. myUNSW won’t let me enrol, what can I do?


A: If you get an error message that says “requirements not met”, the reason you cannot enrol in that course is because you have not┬ácompleted the prerequisite course. Check the UNSW Online Handbook for details of prerequisites applicable for each course. The Business School Student Centre may permit students to enrol into a course. Read more…

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